What to Expect

Innovation is changing life on Earth. But is your organization talking about it?

Here’s the plain truth about industry: When technologies advance exponentially, organizations get uncomfortable. The result of this discomfort is silence. To IBM, Apple was they who must not be named. Japanese design made Detroit automakers go hush. The word digital made Kodak clap hands over their ears. With each of these, the mistake was the same - A refusal to address and tame the elephant in the room.

OSICON 2023 is your chance to address this year’s most bleeding-edge advances. Join reputable business leaders at Ohio’s Toledo Zoo, where you’ll network and crosspolinate strategies for approaching the new technological jungle. Like OSICON ‘20 and '22, this year's agenda features leaders in systems integration and business process optimization. Speakers include executives, front-line managers, and leading technologists ready to provide insight and incite discussion around today's bleeding-edge technological advances.

  • Create a community by sharing experiences and ideas
  • Build support for each other’s business efforts
  • Solve business challenges during times of drastic change
  • Share best practices and new approaches to core business strategies
  • Explore the Toledo Zoo, take part in our scavenger hunt, attend the trade show
  • Get to know cutting-edge business leaders during cocktail hour